I was in my favorite grocery store yesterday.They do an exceptional job of making me feel special with their friendly smiles and quaintness. I feel good in there.  Comforted.  It’s not too big, kind of cozy. It’s true, they are a bit upscale but not over the top expensive, even if they do have carpet in their aisles! 

As I was checking out they had some nice “last minute” pickup items.  The one that caught my eye was a very handsome Artisan MugI quickly picked it up to gauge the weight and how it feels in my hand because drinking java can be quite spiritual at times for me. I loved it! Then I casually checked the price and was stopped in my tracks, Geez, 25 bucks, really? So I asked my check out gal why it was so high? Just knowing she would tell me. Guess what, she couldn’t.  As a matter of fact she agreed with me!

All she needed was sales training to say “Oh I know that’s a little high but did you feel it in your hands.  It was like it was hand crafted just for you wasn’t it?  Buy it, you won’t regret it!”

Salesmanship”¦bringing value, what’s in it for me, empathy, using feelings. Anything would have swayed me. Made me think about all of my clients and how many MISSED opportunities they have every day because their associates are coached up and poised with the conviction necessary to make a sale. They need sales training and it starts with knowing, using and believing their own product! 

All companies MUST figure out that the only difference in what they sell is that personal touch.  And conviction. I go to my favorite grocery store knowing I am going to have a pleasant experience.  Not like I feel when I go to a large grocer, electronic or furniture store.

We live in a world where convenience of buying on line TRUMPS personal service. 

My wife works with a team of 6 that does nothing but fill about 1000 orders per day to be mailed out from a national chain store.  And these aren’t even the orders that go directly to the chain stores home web site.  Times are a changing.  And buying on line is NOT going away.

What is your company  willing to do to win me/anyone over and then sustain the experience and make me loyal? This is the task at hand for you. You must dazzle me every time if you expect me to keep coming back start with sales training every single day. That is the end game. And oh, if you have an awards program? Just give me the award”¦please DO NOT make me work for it.

Happy selling!