We were nestled in the hills, outside of Atlanta, on a beautiful Spring week in Georgia.  The lodge was perfect for a team building offsite experience. A setting for a group of men that carry a very heavy burden of responsibility day in and day out, making sure people are safe.

These men are All In when it comes to safety. Big plants, lots of moving parts, and people.  Paying attention to details is a must.

Our job was to bring them together even tighter than they were. And show them new ways to Lead. One of the big pieces was the importance of emotional intelligence and the art of creating vulnerability based trust. With these new awareness in their tool box they can now cascade those leadership skills to the plant managers.

How to BE in the moment is a great leadership quality. Not missing an opportunity to BE with the men that run those plants is very imperative.The men on the front line are under constant pressure to stay awake to everything that is happening.

….They are in for a treat!

Team building, introspection, and putting an explanation point on owning the Leader within was what we did that week. I was in awe of the brilliance. And honored to serve this team.

A heartfelt thank you for trusting us.