Lately, my schedule has me facilitating many workshops.

The subject matter varies but team building, leadership skills, conflict resolution, vision setting, and the deep dive into Emotional Intelligence usually surface.  The two full day off sites are spread over three days.  We usually start at 1pm, all day the next, and end at noon on the following.  These workshops are the most intense and seem to have the most profound impact on the attendees. Although I do have many requests for an afternoon and a morning that seem to get a lot of traction.

Being able to dine with one another is very valuable, so if you are planning an event make sure you invest in that time. There just is no substitute for being together. That’s why the three day events work so well.

Being!   Not doing, is the key to a transformative leadership training.

Making the time to be will impact a person every time.  When coupled with experiential learnings emotions get evoked. And once we can slow people down we can get them to make that really long journey. From their head to their heart.

H.E.R. Weekend

In April I staffed a H.E.R. Weekend.  Which stands for Healing, Empowerment, and Release.  My first experience with this venue.  It was very enlightening for me because as a man, I take many things for granted. This weekend is designed for women, and I witnessed first-hand my ignorance surrounding what all women endure.

This intense experiential training for women is staffed by women and men and will give you the opportunity to discover:

  • What being a woman means to you.
  • Your inner strength and resilience.
  • Your inner archetypes.
  • Your authentic feelings.
  • What you truly want out of life.
  • Your life’s purpose.
  • The inner truths you lock inside.
  • Who you are behind the masks that protect you.
  • Some of the wounds of your past and the decisions you made from them that hold you back from living the life you were meant

One of the pieces I really liked about the weekend is the new perspective I found in myself. The mask I wear.  Egocentric thinking will put a mask on anyone, man, woman, or child, no matter what color you are. Taking the mask off is a wonderful metaphor for persona and ego. I was reminded once again that I am NOT what my resume is, what I drive, how much money I have, blah, blah, blah.

What do I feel, what do I want, what is my life purpose all lives inside my heart. My heart transcends that thinking part of me, and drives all that I value in my core.

What are your core values?  The time is NOW!