Last week my partner Bob Christensen and I spent two and a half days in Minneapolis with Lee Kurtz Gill, Renette Oehlerking, Christi Brown, Jenny Studer, Jackie Galle, Jeanne Christiansen, Marci Heerman, Anna Lotts, Annie Kneedler, Heidi Connelly, Megan Beckman, Kelly Donovan and Nikki Olson.

All participants of The Primal Leadership Academy, and associates of Tri Oak Foods, Poet Refinery, Cargill, Knoepfler Chevrolet, and Saga Communication.

My workshops are designed to build intimacy as fast as possible.  The sooner the group feels safe, the sooner they can chip away at the “stories” that keep them from what they want.

These “stories” keep their voices from being heard, feeling less than/not enough, or being in their comfort zones.

Our intention is to help them reveal their power within so they can consciously “choose” to draw on the Leader within.

I must say this workshop was different for us because one of the participants asked that it be an all-women event.And consequently the intimacy and trust was present immediately.

We started at 1pm on Tuesday and we were completed by noon on Thursday.

Our evaluation feedback is usually the same…

  • Abundance…not scarcity is a choice
  • I didn’t know we could build a team so quickly with strangers
  • Love the check-ins
  • “Feelings” as the portal to reading the room is powerful
  • Shame is sneaky
  • The Clearing Model will help with the tough conversations and conflict
  • Camaraderie grows when we eat together
  • Noticing the power and friendship with one another
  • I have a choice in life and can live in Purpose and not drama
  • Being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness
  • Sabo assessment by Shirzad Chamine is an easy way to see the ego in action
  • The values exercise gave me strength
  • 80th birthday exercise is powerful
  • I love having a mission

Like personal coaching, this workshop is designed to help you know yourself on a deeper level.Participants leave with tools to navigate through their lives.Tools that give clarity around how you feel, being clear about what is present, and what the story or assumptions are. So ultimately, you move more powerfully towards what you want.

This workshop was special last week.  Hearing one of our participants describe herself in the check-in as “Beautifully Flawed” made my day. It left me feeling like I am totally in my Purpose. And that my job on this planet is to help people wake up to their brilliance. It’s a choice to be happy.   My hope for you is that you choose it today. To consciously choose to come from Abundance…not scarcity.