I have been affiliated with the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) for the past few years.Each April, the Director of the Association, Tom Brand, has a week-long board meeting in Washington DC.The weekend prior to it he has made room for a small group of hand-picked leaders to attend what he has named; The weekend prior to it he has made room for a small group of hand-picked leaders to attend what he has named;

     Leaving your mark on your

On this weekend we introduce them to my 2 day workshop on Leadership. My workshop covers the essentials of being a great Leader;

  • Designing Alliances, Leadership versus Management
  • Who has influenced you, what holds you back from expressing the Leader within
  • Emotions, how great Leaders know them, and the importance of vulnerability based trust
  • “Why” you exist, and leaving a Legacy
  • Ego versus heart, staying present, listening skills
  • Letting go of the old story and committing to the new
Lincoln's Speech

Lincoln’s Speech

Vietnam Wall

Vietnam Wall

For the first session we start on Saturday morn and go until just after lunch. Then at about 230 Tom takes us on his Washington tour of the monuments.…And every single time I go my heart is thrilled with anticipation.All of the tour thrills me, but The Vietnam Wall and Lincoln’s Memorial “own me”.

Why exactly? I’m not sure, all I know is my heart tugs. And my sense of being present is peaked. I love that.If you ever have the opportunity to go give yourself lots of time, at least a full day. It is a treasure.

When we were finished we had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed our time together. The next morn we spent our time checking in and reviewing what each had experienced. From that point each person took their turn at committing to a new way of being in their Leadership. It is a very powerful part of the workshop. A declaration moving forward!

This particular workshop is one of my favorites that I look forward to every year.  Being in Washington, DC and putting on a Leadership training, well, it doesn’t get any better than that.