What if you couldn’t fail?

What if your biggest fear didn’t exist?

What if the one thing you wanted to do was possible because there was nothing blocking you, nothing in front of you?

What if…

Take the time to envision this right now.  (If you do not have the time, come back to this because it could change your life.)

Settle in and get comfortable.  Breathe.  Close your eyes.  Breathe.  And envision what you really want.  See it, touch it, smell it, taste it…BE in this moment.  Your mind will take you there IF you give this exercise the time.

Now envision you cannot fail, there are no road blocks, and you can have it ALL…What did  you see?

Write it down.

This method will help you access the things that you want.  Some of those “things” may be materialistic.  I’m not necessarily referring to things…but to the fulfillment of your life purpose.  Some of my clients refer to this visualization as discovering the parts of themselves they have hiding in their heart.

As your coach, this is what I do, help you discover your true wants.  And the blocks keeping you from them.  It also applies to coaching a business.

Every year I notice how neuroscience is playing a bigger role in personal development in corporate America.  Ongoing medical studies and articles written by the likes of Dr. David Hawkins, are paving the way to this type of culture.  Becoming more conscious of how our ego works will help you move into the space of creating what you want.  And once you do that, you exceed the boundaries of playing it safe.  That goes against your ego.  Your ego likes safety, and that’s what it is all about.

Here’s what Ram Das, formerly prominent Harvard professor Dr. Richard Alpert, says about it:

“We need the matrix of thoughts, feelings, and sensations we call the ego for our physical and psychological survival.

The ego tells us what leads to what, what to avoid, how to satisfy our desires, and what to do in each situation.

 It does this by labeling everything we sense or think. These labels put order in our world and gives us a sense of security and well-being.   With these labels, we know our world and our place in it.

Our ego renders safe an unruly world.  Uncountable sense impressions and thoughts crowd in on us, so that without the ego to filter out irrelevant information, we would be inundated, overwhelmed, and ultimately destroyed by the overload. Or so it seems.

The ego has convinced us that we need it – not only that we need it, but that we are it.  I am my body. I am my personality. I am my neuroses. I am angry. I am depressed. I’m a good person. I’m sincere. I seek truth. I’m a lazy slob.  Definition after definition. Room after room. Some are in high-rise apartments – I’m very important. Some are on the fringe of the city – just hanging out.

Meditation raises the question: Who are we really? If we are the same as our ego, then if we open up the ego’s filters and overwhelm it, we shall be drowned. If, on the other hand, we are not exclusively what the ego defines us to be, then the removal of the ego’s filters may not be such a great threat.   It may actually mean our liberation.   But as long as the ego calls the shots, we can never become other than what it says. Like a dictator, it offers us paternalistic security at the expense of our freedom.

We may ask how we could survive without our ego. Don’t worry – it doesn’t disappear. We can learn to venture beyond it, though. The ego is there, as our servant. Our room is there. We can always go in and use it like an office when we need to be efficient. But the door can be left open so that we can always walk out.”

When coaching a business and changing the culture, I have to have access to the vision beyond what is present.

…Beyond Ego.

Sometimes my clients can articulate that easily.  Other times they have to do some internal work beforehand.  Eventually they have to deal with the fear or shame that is keeping them from their dreams or vision.


Daring to be great means putting down the fears or old stories that are keeping you small.

Dr. David Hawkins says, “The unconscious purpose of the ego is to prove we are a victim.”

I am not sure about that…but I love his solution and can buy into his belief system…

“We essentially dissolve the ego through compassion, love, and understanding.”

Wekid flipping can have what we want.

First you have to be willing to dream.

…As if you can’t fail.