One of the creative gifts I have been given is my ability to meet people where they are at.  The result of that is I build trust very quickly.

When coaching either a person or a business this is an imperative “first step” in getting to the root of “what they want”.  

Discovering what they want, dream of, or envision is at the root of developing a plan.


Meeting someone where they are at means being empathetic and understanding of what they feel.  …Without judgement.

In the coaching world we call that “Dancing in the Moment”.

Before you can do that, you must know and understand what you are feeling.

That “ interpersonal work” has been described as the greatest journey man has to make on Earth, the 18 inches that separate his head from his heart.

I have been blessed with the pleasure of working with brilliant human beings that are willing to make that journey.  What I get to witness, every day, is them discovering new awarenesses.

Some feel it comes directly from their heart.  They are actually firing new neuro pathways in both hemispheres of their brain.  Awakening their creativity on a new and conscious level.

Does Everyone Hold Creativity?

My friend Mark Avery introduced me to a book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield over a decade ago.  A brilliant writing designed to wake you up to the blocks that stifle your creativity…your ego.

I recommend you read it if you haven’t already.  I have developed a deep sense of wonder around the power of our creativity, and now believe it will help me manifest what I want.  

My ability to meet someone where they are at helps them to begin to think the same way.  Try it!

What you might find is them waking up to the idea that there is an artist that lives inside of them, alive and well, wanting to come out and play.


Sir Ken Robinson speaks eloquently to this on a Ted Talk, it’s called Do Schools Kill Creativity?  I’ve included it below, please watch it.  As a professor, his insights and wisdom are enlightening.

He suggests we were all born artists but have been educated to think otherwise.  We are living inside our heads.

Math, science, and literature lead the way today in our school systems with no emphasis on the arts; is this because there is no perceived money in it?

What if we need all of it equally?

Your personal values hold the answer.

My hope is you take the time to self-discover what your values are and align your life to them.

Safe Travels!