I recently spent a day and a half offsite with a team of 32.  They were all in different states of mind.

Some had heard wonderful things about my workshop, some had heard the contrary, and others were cautiously optimistic.

The leaders that hired me were present as well, all there to support me while participating and experiencing the team building.

Basically I went in alone, cautiously, attached to no outcome, open for what was present.

Needless to say, I concentrated on my breathing, and kept checking the room for what I was sensing, because my saboteurs were screaming bloody murder.

Teams this size are always a challenge.

I prefer to have a partner or two with me to watch my back, and lean into, but that was not possible for this offsite.  So I rolled in trusting my leaders, my intuition and my talents.

Leading a group of people is much like meeting with a new prospect, current client, or disgruntled associate.  First you must “meet them where they are at”.

Meeting them where they are at is the ability to sense their emotions.

Once they know you are empathetic enough to understand their fear, shame, anger, or grief they are much more apt to open up and hear you.

Someone that is open enough to hear what you have to say can trust the situation enough to move into a state of calm, peace, or joy.

That is the place where courage lives.  Mutual respect with another human being creates enough space for collaboration, creativity, persuasion, and ultimately transformation.

As a “Leader”, if your goal is to influence and persuade another for the good of the vision, you must understand the value of Emotional Intelligence.  (EQ)

I can proudly say the 32 folks in Ft. Worth, Texas recently experienced just that.

They are more confident in their own abilities, see each other more wholly, and have the tools it takes to move forward more powerfully.

I have a workshop that will transform you!

They can be customized to fit your needs.

The most popular one generally lasts 3 days.  It starts on an afternoon (1p to 6p), A full day the following (8a-6p), and closes by noon on the third day.

You will learn everything it takes to lead yourself, others, and a group.

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