My dear Fellow Americans,

We are about to embark on a new adventure, with a new Commander-in-Chief.
A new President of what is arguably one of the greatest countries in the world.

And as I sit here, I am “checking in” today feeling Grief, Anger, Shame, Fear, and Joy.

The Grief I feel is in the “gaps” of our compassion, love and understanding for one another. 

We are not United.

We have gaps that prove it…

  • We could do better in our education. 
  • We could improve our health care.
  • We could better understand our inner city poverty. 
  • We could stop profiting from our prison systems.
  • We could embrace our brothers and sisters on the Reservations.

Consequently, I sit here today sad, as my heart breaks from objectifying each other.

My Anger stems from the ignorance that surrounds us.
All I hear is blame, shame, and fear mongering. 


When did we become so weak and have to resort to name calling and blame???

Wake Up!!!

Today I am here to tell you my anger is here to help set boundaries. 

This hating and fighting must stop NOW.

We must unite today whether your candidate won or not.


The Shame I am feeling is coming from the fact that I did nothing to help elect the kind of person I want to lead this wonderful country of mine.  I did that…and I am feeling it today.

Why did I do nothing?

Oh probably because I am a Caucasian man living the American dream.

I am wealthy by comparison to my other brothers and sisters, and I have no complaints personally. 

But today, I see my friends suffering because of their color of skin, economic background, faith, sexual orientation…

And advocate nothing in comparison to what I could do, so I feel shame.


My Fear  comes from an uneasiness that I sense this great country faces.

WE are at a crossroads.

My fear is, we will not wake up as a United Country. 

My fear isn’t in Isis, but from what we are becoming, as an unattached group of people thinking ill of each other.

My fear is I do not feel the Love anymore…

Where is the love?


And with all of that , I still feel Joy.

The Joy is surrounding the opportunity of a new beginning.

The richness in starting anew. 

I see the Abundance of wealth, genius, gratitude, and love that so many of us share.

So many of us KNOW how blessed we are, how safe we are, and how incredibly gifted we are.

We can choose to come from a place of Abundance and Love instead of Fear and Scarcity.

It‘s up to YOU!

You could “choose” to begin today and wipe the slate clean.  Put down hate and fear.


I challenge all of you to consciously choose to “meet” each other where they are at, without judgments or drama. 

If you are going to assume anything, assume your neighbors are doing the very best they can. 

Come from generosity, instead of greed and discontent.


I challenge you to get behind our new leaders and support them all.

Let’s stand United!

Instead of blaming or shaming, lean into your own personal values and trust in your idea of a higher power.

Learn to trust in yourself, and then in each other.






Let’s learn from this last election and not let two candidates we don’t like run.

If the kind of person you want to “lead” us is not present, don’t get angry, wake up and get involved.

Begin today by looking for what you want to create.

Our system is a good one.  The folks running it could use some guidance from us is all.


So today as we start anew, please stop and take a breath.

Breathe, smell the roses, and know…we are exactly where we are supposed to be…

At the threshold of opportunity.

We have an opportunity to lean into each other and focus on what we want to create.

Please stop focusing on what we do not want, it is driven by fear and shame.

Instead, choose love.