Once again, I got the pleasure of working with an amazing group of leaders.

This group learned the importance of understanding that as leaders we have a choice.

And ultimately, it is up to us on how we choose to show up each and every day.







Leading from within. 

Leading begins from within and knowing what makes you tick is the first step.

Emotions are the portal to a deeper understanding of why you do what you do.

Mad, sad, glad, fear, and shame can mask how you are showing up as a leader, and every authentic leader knows how they show up!

Understanding your emotions, enables you to meet others where they are at, which in turn builds trust.

With this deeper understanding, it encourages you to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability based trust is the fastest way to influence another human being.

Ignoring your ego.

The saboteur voices of the ego like to run your life.

Learning to “Clear” those voices and really understand what you want is as simple as identifying your:

  • Feeling (What emotion is present?)
  • Data (What are the real facts?)
  • Assumptions (What story am I making up? What judgments do I have?)
  • What do I want (Being in Purpose, I can create it.)

Where is your focus?

Am I focused on what I do not want to have happen?

Or am I focused on what I want?

It’s up to you!!!


Remember, there are just two modes of being…Drama or Purpose.

Drama is fear and shame based behavior fueled by Saboteurs.

Purpose is proactive behavior fueled by Values.


Only you can consciously choose to let your Values steer your life!