This is a note I sent to an incredible group that went through a workshop with me recently. I wanted to share it so you could get a feel for what occurs.  Part of our focus is helping you discover your legacy.
We are hoping you attend someday. 


Good morning Leaders.
As you re-enter life I hope this message reminds you of what you just experienced.
It was emotion filled, physically exhausting, and hopefully…everlasting.

You “felt” what it is like to be awake as a Leader.
Feeling (mad, sad, glad, fear, shame) is the way you can read a room, meet someone where they are at, or really know on a deeper level what is next, or better yet, what you want.
Vulnerability is the portal to building trust and relationships on a deeper more meaningful level.

You have also become more conscious of how you are showing up as a leader.
Knowing how you look will kindle trust quicker.

Being in the moment comes from slowing down and breathing before opening your mouth.
Showing your emotions, especially your grief or fear, is not a weakness, but a strength.

I hope you are gentle on yourself as you practice these new tools.
Keep shame out of the equation 🙂

May peace and blessings follow you through your journey here on this planet as you make your mark and leave your legacy.
Find the values you discovered in your 80th birthday celebration and practice using them in your daily life.





Steven Covey wrote years ago “how to start…with the end in mind”.
We ask our workshop participants to imagine their 80th birthday and 400 people are there to celebrate their impact in life.
The assignment is to have the participant write down what 3 or 4 of those folks would say about them when up at the podium giving a speech.
It is one of the most transformational portions of the workshop.
Unless you are willing to dream of your legacy, you will not be able to live it.

Check out the link below. I love how more and more research is coming out validating this claim of legacy.  I hope you enjoy the following from Harvard Business Review.