I recently had the privilege of serving this brilliant group of leaders.  My colleague, Bob Christensen (Impact Results, Inc.) and I have been putting on these two and a half day workshops for some time now.  He invited half of his clients and I invited the other.  Six different companies were present. We prefer intimate groups of 15 or less because we are able to get the results we seek every time.  When we have less than 10 people attending we generally work alone.

Here’s what we know…

  • Smaller groups build intimacy faster
  • Intimacy builds trust
  • Trust opens the gate to more vulnerability
  • Vulnerability is the portal to the Leader within, and ultimately what a person wants
  • Tapping into what someone truly wants, deepens the learning and consciousness
  • Conscious, trusting human beings in a circle creates synergy and power
  • Powerful people are able to discipline their ego, and consciously move towards what they want to create

Once again the event was emotion filled, physically exhausting, and hopefully…everlasting to all of our attendees.

The methods that Bob and I pass on in our workshops need to be practiced and practiced.  I’ve included these highlights as reminders for those that have already attended, and for those who have not, I hope you find this helpful.  If you want to learn more please contact me and we can discuss you attending one, or creating something customized for your team.   952-322-7937 is my office number.

Here are some of the highlights…

  • Remember you “felt” what it is like to be awake as a Leader, going back to sleep is a choice.


  • Feelings (mad, sad, glad, fear, shame) are your 6th sense.  Embrace feelings and it will improve your ability to influence and persuade the group you are leading.  It is also the way you can read a room, meet someone where they are at, or really know on a deeper level what is next.  And better yet, what you want, or the group wants.


  • Vulnerability is the portal to building trust and relationships on a deeper more meaningful level.


  • Be conscious of how you are showing up as a leader. Knowing how you “look” will kindle trust quicker.  Showing your emotions, especially your grief or fear, is not a weakness, but a strength.


  • Being in the moment comes from slowing down and breathing before opening your mouth.


  • Being in the “box”, or drama triangle, is a choice.


  • Keeping your core values in front of you and not in shadow will keep you out of the drama, and your saboteurs at bay.


  • Your Core Values will help you articulate your mission on this planet. Leave your mark on this planet…what is your legacy?


One more thing…

Take it easy on yourself as you practice these tools, and keep shame out of the equation.