Tomorrow is 2018 and another new year is upon us! ?

Hopefully that will make you smile and excited for all of the opportunities that await you.


I love the reality that tomorrow is proclaimed a New Year, thus a new start.

If you choose, you can make that an everyday commitment! 

You can actually say it… 

“I commit to focusing on a new start every day!”

And in that, perhaps you might let go of some of the heartaches, stress, and disappointments we encounter in life. 

Letting go will create more space to focus on the positive, what you want to create!”


Beginning now, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want; e.g. eat less, swear less, work less…

Create from a positive perspective!

Do what you want!

My hope is you will do what you want without shame or judgment in the equation.

Go ahead, give your self permission to live your life without self condemnation and judgment.  Make that a New Year’s resolution ?


Maybe you can use this wheel to help reset what  you want to focus on.

My friend, Dana Kadue made this in conjunction with the Minnesota Coaching Federation:


Wheel of Life

Directions:  The wheel of life represents different aspects of your personal life.  With 0 at the center of the wheel and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each area (0 being low and 10 being high). Using your scores, draw a new inner wheel that represents your life.  If this were a real wheel, it would answer the question “How bumpy is my ride?”








Image from

Generic inquiry after assigning a score to each area of the wheel: 

If your score is high: What do you want to acknowledge about yourself having this high of a score?

If your score is low:  What would you like the score to be?   And what are one or two things you could do to increase the score?


Additional inquiries for each specific area of the wheel:

Business/Career:  What aspects of your career are aligned with your values and purpose?  What would make your career more rewarding and fulfilling?

Finance & Wealth:  What is the importance of money in your life?  How do your finances support your lifestyle?  What do you desire for your financial future?

Health & Fitness: What brings you energy and vitality?  What would optimize your overall level of health, fitness, and nutrition?  What would bring you more balance and well-being?

Family and Friends:  What are your socially supportive networks?  What support do you give and receive from your family and friends?  What else is needed to enhance these relationships?

Romance / Significant Other:  What makes you feel loved in a romantic relationship? How do you love and nurture yourself? How do you love and nurture your partner?

Personal Growth:  What does personal growth mean to you?  What new experiences would enhance your personal growth and learning?  What is needed to expand your growing edge?

Fun & Recreation:  What new adventures are you willing to explore?   What would increase your level of satisfaction with the quality and quantity of your recreational activities?  How are you enjoying your life and making it fun?

Physical Environment (the place you spend most of your time):   How does your physical environment energize and support you?   What is needed in your physical environment to more fully reflect you and your needs?


Final reflection to deepen the learning and take mindful action:

Looking at your new inner wheel ask:  Which area/s of my life do I primarily want to focus on to enhance my overall level of satisfaction?  From here, create support and accountability for real and lasting change.

Content credit to Dana Kadue with collaborative support from the ICF Minnesota ICW 2016 team.


You have an opportunity, every single day you take a breath, to choose the life you want to create.

Be clear with what it is you want.

Be clear to what it is you feel, what the facts are, what judgments are attached to a story you may have…

Create to being the kind of Leader you want to be and take control of your life!

Make it happen!  Try something new…

  1. Every day I am going to name three gratitudes
  2. Every day I am going to Journal my awarenesses
  3. Every day I will exercise
  4. Every day I will meditate
  5. Every single day I will have at least one random act of service

(Excerpts from Shawn Achor’s Ted Talk “Reverse the Order of Success”)

I know you can do it.

After all, it’s your life!  Smile and make it happen.

Happy New Year.