In every situation, you are given an opportunity to choose how you will respond.  How do you perceive this photo?  Do you see cobwebs and barbed wire? Something to fear?  Or do you see nature and a heart?  Beauty and love made from something ugly. 

Victim mode…or Creating mode.  Those are your two choices!

It’s always your choice.  Victim feels so slimy, but it’s a great descriptor of living a fear based life.  Are you a Victim?  Fight, flight, or freeze are naturally wired in our brain.  It’s in our DNA.  Our job, as enlightened human beings, is to understand “IT” before we react.








On the other hand, being in the creating space is as easy as focusing on the positive things we want.  It’s in this space, that we find opportunity or purpose, even in the face of adversity.  Are you a Creator?  I equate this space to how I feel when I am in complete joy, gratitude, or love.








Victim = Fear, Creator = Love.

Victim or Creating, is a choice, which you choose is up to you.  You can use this in your personal and business situations.

If you are in the habit of blaming, shaming, or rescuing others you might struggle with this notion of it being a choice.

Get over it!  All you have to do is some internal work.

Find out what the drivers of that behavior are.

What are you afraid of? What don’t you want to have happen? What do you hate? This is all negative space.

Asking yourself these questions is a really good place to start.  But don’t go alone, ask for help.

I like to call victim mentality Drama, and it really sucks living a life of drama doesn’t it?  Ready to give it up?

Life is too short to live in fear.  I invite you to dive deep, and find out what makes you react fearfully.

February is Valentine’s month, the heart month, love month, giving month.  Start with you.

Give yourself the gift that never stops giving.  Love yourself enough to understand why you are living a life of reaction and fear.

Choose Love over Fear.

Come on! Give it a try! After all, it’s your choice.