Every year it’s the same thing…new goals for the New Year.

…I’ve already missed my mark so I’m gearing up for 2020 ?


Seriously though, if you have new goals, you have to write them down.

Write them down and share them with another.

That kind of transparency increases your odds for success.


The question is, “What do You Want”?

It takes courage to have a big Vision, to dare to be great and go after whatever it is.

Have you given yourself the time to envision an end result?


So many books have been written about vision.

Here’s the simplest explanation that I have found…




Keep it simple and try not to over think this.

This process works for any kind of organization you serve or lead, as well as your personal life.

Go for it!

Life is too short to go through it sleep walking and waiting for tomorrow.


It’s the New Year. 

Wake up and start new.

Take time out of your busy schedule and ask this simple question…

What do I want?

Write it down, and own it.


And whatever you do, remember to smile while you are doing it.

Have fun!