John Kotter got it right when he defined extraordinary Leadership as:

  • Vision, opportunity, agility, inspired activity, innovation and collaboration


Are you a part of an organization that has a vision so crystal clear every single person in the organization knows the direction and feels inspired by it?

Those companies exist.  I’ve witnessed it firsthand.  You can feel it as soon as you walk in.

Consequently, when adversity comes along, the members of the team are more apt to stay the course and not get hijacked with day to day drama.  They are more agile, creative, and ready to find solutions.

Sometimes Leadership gets mixed up with Kotter’s definition of Management:

  • A set of well-known processes that help organizations produce reliable, efficient, and predictable results

Making sure procedures are followed are essential.


Extraordinary companies have the capacity to do both.  It’s a learned process worth the investment of time.

Organizations that make space for leadership development enhance their culture and are more efficient.

They tend to have year to year growth, more accountability within the teams, and lower employee turnover.


I encourage you to go for it!  Start with that crystal clear vision.

Make it all happen, your future is waiting for you.