We all have full lives, and sometimes it’s just time to evoke a change.

Keep the status quo, or change the status quo?

Here are some steps to evoking the change you want.

Right now you have some concerns.  Whether it be your health, or the health of others, family, work, money, spirituality, living your life purpose.  Identify and consider the disadvantages of the status quo.


Focus on one of those areas, and then ask yourself these 3 simple questions;

  • What do I think will happen if I don’t change anything?
  • What makes me think I need to do something about making some changes?
  • What is there about my current situation that other people might see as reasons for concern?”


Once that is complete, consider the advantages to the status quo.

  • What are some good things I am currently doing?
  • What negatives do I see if I change?
  • What are some disadvantages in changing how I do things?


What advantages to change are here?

  • How do I want things to be different?
  • What would be a good thing about that change?
  • What are the main reasons for making the change?
  • If I were to change, what would it look like?


Now focus on the Intention to Change;

  • What do I think I might do?
  • Never mind the “how” for now…What do I want to have happen?
  • What am I willing to try?
  • Whom can I ask for support?


Change naturally creates anxiety in all of us.

Our brains are wired for it…and our amygdala is designed to alert us.  Safely nestled inside our limbic system it sets off the alarm of fight, flight, or freeze when confronted with any and all change.


Evoking change takes courage.

What would have to happen for it to become much more important for you to change?