I love watching a client “light up” when they have a “AHHH HAAA” moment.
Especially when they realize the simplicity of understanding how drama effects their life, both personally and professionally.
…And then they suddenly realize they have a choice to stay in it, or get out of it.
Being in drama is a choice! Feeling stress is a choice! Blaming and judging circumstances, self, and others is a choice!

Dr. Stephen Karpman describes drama in the shape of a triangle:

Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer all focused on what I do not want to have happen.
Causes reactive behavior…defensive, fear driven, saboteurs, egocentric, and full of judgment.

Our left hemisphere is described as the “survivor brain” for a reason. It’s sole purpose, since the beginning of man, is to concentrate on keeping us safe. Good thing! Or the Sabre tooth tigers would have eaten all of us. ????
Now it looks for other dangers, and makes them up along the way, constantly, non-stop.
I am upset, drama.
Vaccine is a hoax, drama.
I’m not being fairly treated, drama.
I am angry, drama.
Not enough hours in a day, drama.
I blame government, drama.
I’m right, you’re wrong, drama.
My employees suck, drama.
Youth of today do not know how to work, drama.
Right religion, drama.
If I could just get this next deal, drama.
All of this makes sense, but my case is different, drama.
That part of our brain judges everything…circumstances, others and self.
If you feel stress, any stress, you are deeply in that space and it is triggering your amygdala. PERIOD.

Please study this diagram. Being focused on what I do not want to have happen is living a fear based life.
When I work with a client and they are trying to sell me on their conviction or truth…more often than not, they are in drama.
Seriously, think about it. Why do you give a shit that anyone believes what you believe?
Unless of course you need them to validate what you are thinking ????.

My goal is to believe what I believe without feeling stress or blame.
To be in my wheelhouse, follow my true north, my inner compass…
Calm, empathetic, clear-headed, passionate, direct, enlightened, curious, forgiving, loving, and purpose free…
With no S-T-R-E-S-S!!!!!

I hope you find this helpful.
Get out of drama, and into peace of mind.
It’s as easy as moving from your left hemisphere to the right.
Let me know your thoughts.

Jerry Haack