It’s that time of year again.
…End of the year, and time to do some REFLECTING.
What was good, what was challenging, and what could use an “even better yet”.

I love this time of year. In short, I am blown away with ALL of my new awareness’s.
My hope is that this note inspires you and gets you on the same path.

It was a banner year, and for a couple of reasons;
1. Woke UP and decided NOT to be afraid of dying
2. I “consciously” chose to work another 10 years because it is really FUN
3. Golf became a priority
4. I love my life, family, friends, clients
5. My LEGACY is taking shape and is firmly in view

First things first…
I woke up to my mortality. Yes I know what you are thinking, at the tender age of 63 you would think I would have covered this one by now. But I got it on a deeper, more intimate level this past year.
I’m NOT going to live forever. I have visions of living longer, but I am not attached to it happening.
My friends are dying at a more alarming rate than in the past. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to worry about covid impairing my life span. I’m fully vaccinated and will get in line for the next shot. I am not afraid of that.
I will live my life my way. (period)

A couple of decades ago (39 years old) I was told I would not see the age of 50 because of Hep C. I went thru a new protocol exploratory plan for 48 weeks of injections and harsh pills. Lost lots of weight, had high anxiety, and physically felt miserable (was told it was similar to chemo therapy).
And here I am, still standing, so yeah, those doctors were awesome, still are!!! (in my humble opinion based on personal experience)
So for you non-believers…Forget about it ????

#2, I have been very conscious about not being afraid of dying, that it has literally inspired me to keep working another 10 years. To say my business is robust is an understatement. What I do is making an impact and generating so much passion and love in my life that I feel rejuvenated and inspired. Can you say that?
I have people on my arss to start doing webinars and videos again. So, I will. In the meantime I will keep spreading the good cheer and waking people up to a new way of BEING.
Your stress in life is your CHOICE. Tired of it? Call me.

#3, My golf life. I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, been in this lane since January 28th 1981. Over 40 years of giving back, and living the life of service to others. There are many things that give me joy and balance in life, but one in particular is the game of golf. I have made it apart of my sobriety. It’s an annoying game I struggle with and try to have fun at. 30 years ago I was better and I still remember what “could be” so I keep trying. Even bought a house in Phoenix with my younger brother so I can play all year round. I’m living my future retired life NOW as I work. I am ALL IN. I have a group of retired pals in Minneapolis during the summer, and I have buds from Sioux City I have trips with in the winter. Life is full.

#4, Loving life. Loving my family, friends and loving my clients have taken on a new light. Can you say you act the same with each and every one of them? I can ????
I want it ALL. AND…I want everyone in my life to KNOW they can have it all as well. Living a life of POSITIVITY is a GIFT I have enhanced and worked on thru the work of Positive Intelligence. YOU TOO can be POSITIVE, stress free, and less of a negative influence. Doesn’t that sound good…To be happy and stress free?!?

Do yourself a favor and read the book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine.
You know the importance of knowing your IQ, (Intellectual quotient) and from working with me your EQ (Emotional quotient), well now there is PQ (Positive quotient)
Ask yourself this question…
“What percentage of the day AM I positive versus negative. Anything less than 75% positive is NOT acceptable.”

And last but not least…My LEGACY. I have been blessed a thousand times over. I see where I’ve been. I see where I’m going. I know what impact I am making on everyone I come in contact with. I have dared to look and dream of my future Self, ask others what they will remember about me, and work at my legacy every day.
If I had gotten what I wished for, prayed for, all those years ago, before I sobered up…I would have sold myself short a thousand times over. SERIOUSLY!!!
Thank God I didn’t get what I prayed for.

• What does your future SELF look like?
• What do you really want to be remembered by?
• What will people say about you when your time on this planet is over?

Life is but a moment in time. I hope you live it as if it was the last day of your life.
May this holiday season bring you peace and joy and love.

Jerry Haack